The State of Mafioso

“There is nothing to hinder your case you decide to do today and then you review it because there is a mistake (fahudîta rusydika li), that you return to the truth. Truth is leading and not canceled by anything. Back to the truth it’s better than continuously in the sleaze. ”
(Caliph Umar bin Khatthab).

“…….Corruption is a cancer that steals from the poor, eats away at governance and moral fiber, and destroy trust”. (Robert B.Zoellick).

In the study of linguistic meaning of words contained implicitly referred to as La Mafia Cosa Nostra (in Italian: The Us), is a collective call for a secret organization in Sicily and the United States. Mafia was originally the name of a confederation consisting of people in Sicily. But in its development when entering the medieval use of the word Mafia uncommon for law enforcement purposes and the protection of its own. However, behind it there are the distortions that the confederations or the organization referred to then start to do that is organized crime. Indonesia in the context of tracing the use of the term Mafia phase referred to this terminology seems to have been transformed into a negative stigma that is used as a form of evil that plagued the joint organization of various countries.
In Indonesia through various news media both print and electronic use of the term mafia has released nearly 18 labels to provide a stigma on any crimes that are systemic and organized. In the writer’s observation as an observer of the word is often used to refer to the perpetrators of crimes such as

tax mafia, mafia, drug mafia, banking mafia, mafia election, the oil mafia, mafia budget, mob justice, education mafia, mafia legislation, trafficking mafia (traffic king), agrarian mafia, mafia rice, salt mafia, mining mafia, mafia logging (illegal logging), mafia prostitution, gambling mafia, to the moral crisis that is indicated by the mafia element to fund the implementation of the pilgrimage is no clear legal base licit and illicit. Diverse use of the word mafia is attached to each of the joints of the state organization has been referred to the photograph is clear that Indonesia was in crisis zones of trust (distrust) towards the bureaucratic elite that runs the power system.
Struggle and Fight Againts Corruption and Mafioso
To weigh and ponder the blurry portrait of a reckless Mafioso in this country then it can be drawn a red thread that is stretching the Mafioso will meet at a point of compromise between political desires of greed, power struggles and the material in this case is money that seemed to God has become in this country. There is even a spicy joke that the first principle of Pancasila philosophy in particular has changed is no longer reads “Belief in God Almighty” but has been in pelesetkan become “Financial Almighty”. Furthermore, when this happens then the door of the meeting strict law enforcement and a healthy political system will be difficult to materialize given that the lack of public confidence in the criminal behavior of corruption will be undertaken by a person or group of elites in this country. Besides, the domino effect of people’s disappointment crime patterns in systemic played by state actors is a failed state zone (failed state) will be more real.
Problem zones of the country failed to be faced by the nation of Indonesia is certainly not an element or a superficial analysis given that according to a study report World Economic Forum and Harvard University in 2002 about a failed state, shows that Indonesia from 59 countries entered the characteristics of a failed state because of the high number of crime and violence, corruption is rampant, and suasa high uncertainty. The results of a study conducted in 2002 that seems directly proportional with no significant improvement of the state of the deviation of power that led to the crime of corruption. Results of audits conducted by the State Audit Board (BPK) to the total object in the first semester examination in 2011 found a total of 11 430 cases valued at Rp26, 68 trillion, valued at Rp 7 3463 cases, 71 trillion which is a finding of non-compliance resulting in losses, potential losses, and lack of state revenues. While the findings of non hematan, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness as many as 7967 cases valued at Rp18, 96 trillion. Referring to the findings above, it is certainly Indonesia as the country has lost prestige in the eyes of the result of the crime patterns of corruption that has spread in various aspects of life. Optimism in the midst of deprivation is the result of corrupt peilaku need to remember that the evil of corruption crimes categorized as exceptional (extraordinary crime) has a pattern of crimes against state enforcement (contempt of state). The use of the term is appropriate given that corruption is a crime against the state organization that includes an element of every action, intervention, behavior, attitude, who may insult, belittle, undermine the authority, dignity and honor of the state and or impaired function of the state.
Demeaning and undermining the authority of the country makes the crime of corruption as a reliable indicator that can be included within the scope of the contempt of state. Forms of state authority waning in the eyes of the world look of anxiety in different countries of the world related to the opportunities in the investment climate in Indonesia is discussed in a forum International Conference, Shaping a New World Combating Bribery in International Business Foreign Transaction May 10-11 2011 in Nusa Dua Bali who want the guarantee of legal certainty of the government to protect any investment investment climate in Indonesia in order to run properly without corruption and bureaucracy in the licensing of public service. Furthermore, in the end of this paper would like disampikan that the crime of corruption should be construed as a crime against the state (contempt of state). More clearly the optimism to combat the mafioso in a variety of things in need of faith and courage to take action against the firm through a model of prevention and punishment of a massive and continuing to plague the crime of corruption is not the creep in the womb of the earth motherland. So that the Indonesian people who are sick will be able to build up the national vision of prosperity, intellectual, and social justice for all Indonesian people.

Ria Casmi Arrsa
(Senior Researcher and public Policy Analyst Local Autonomy Development Agency Faculty of Law Brawijaya University website

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